An interior designer can make your dull house a sweet and relaxing home

135You too must have once come across the question- why to hire an interior designer? Everyone gives it a thought once or a while. An interior designer is a person who exhibits his expertise and creativity in interior designs and transforms an ordinary space into a stylish setting consisting of all amenities for the human nature activities.

A timeless and elegant interior design is the one which is the perfect blend of the creativity of the designer and cost-effective use of space which truly matches the purpose. Whether an interior designer works for a residential project or commercial space the challenges are the same- to create a design which is affordable, unique and has a purpose. Anything done without a purpose or concept is vain or pointless. The same applies to the interior designing too. The designs should have a clear concept or the reason why it has been designed like that. An interior designer must be a qualified, creative individual who is keen to observe, learn and experiment with his ideas and designs to create something admirable.

Design Deconstruct- a remarkable and authentic multidisciplinary build and interior design firm in Delhi, is the top interior designers in Delhi which is driven by quest for perfection and quality and develops designs as per customers’ taste and cup of tea. These offer meaningful aesthetical designs which enhance a personal experience. Design Deconstruct strives hard to acquire customer’s goal and delivers a design which pleases and soothes the soul.

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Interior Design Trends In The Workplace

134Just fifteen years ago offices were full of bulky computers, over sized fax machines, and a lot of unmanageable wires. Today, all you see are flat screens, wireless devices and high-tech everything. As technology has changed, so have interior design trends. The traditional office model is vastly different today. The corner office is disappearing. Expecting a larger cubical because you got a promotion? It is probably not going to happen. As people have become more aware of the cost effectiveness of sustainability practices, and the benefits of collaborative work spaces, office interior design trends have transformed.

Space Efficiency

Over the past few years, interior design trends have opened up the workplace and made it more approachable. Open office designs promote communication and collaboration. Modular workstations provide an efficient use of space, without the cubicle’s prison like atmosphere. Having lower walls between people, increases employee interaction. Fewer private offices means more space is available for everyone to use. Providing lounge spaces can encourage connection and creativity while making employees more effective.

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Interior Design Ideas for a Beach House

133A beach house is a great place to enjoy a weekend with family. Most of the beach resorts and hotels follow unique techniques of interior decoration to attract holiday makers. Generally, the complex interior design plans can be resolved through colors, accessories and textures. Holiday makers love the bright sunny days, sandy beaches, outdoor atmosphere and a feeling of vitality. Resort owners always try to bring those outside objects to the interior area. So, the interior design is an essential element of a beach house. It needs maximum attention to better customer satisfaction.

Practicality is another aspect of the interior design. When a beach house is decorated with some unique and really interesting furniture, it will have a positive effect on the guests. One can bring sunny yellows and whites that reflect sand, sky and sunlight. In order to create a relaxing atmosphere, blues from deep navy should be added. Here we have a healthy discussion regarding the interior design aspects. Let’s have a look.

A Casual Way to Decorate the Beach Bungalows:

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Let The Interior Design Experts Create Your Space Like Never Before

132Today, there are more trade and professional organizations than ever before. Given the fact that there are many interior design organizations, interior designersare the logical choice to manage and staff them. Besides knowing how to promote and develop interior design events and activities, interior design expertswho choose to work with trade associations can draw on the organizational skills learned as designers. Some interior designers in Delhi also develop turnkey projects and hire the architects, engineers, contractors, and any other craftspeople and consultants required. They coordinate the projects, sell them, and then hire the staff required to complete the project. The client has very little to do with the project until it is completed.

Now, you all must have heard of vacation homes. Vacation homes are known for their designs and they have proven to be big business for residential interior design masters. Like model homes, vacation homes are often approached by owners as “turnkey” projects, requiring that the interior design concept include everything one would find in a fully furnished home – dishes, glassware, bedding, televisions, and soaps and towels. Because the people that own vacation properties often have busy, active careers, they may place different demands on a vacation house than they might in their primary residence.

Easy care fabrics and finishes and more space for leisure living are common requests that vacation home designers hear. Similarly we have professionals who specialize in wall covering designs. Many interior designers design wallcoverings. Their training in colour, pattern direction, and scale can make them excellent wallcovering designers. I even know some architects in Delhi who have expertise in wall finishes, murals and faux paintings. Marbling, fresco, and textured finishes, many of which are inspired by the rich patinas found on centuries old walls of historic homes and castles, are popular custom wall treatments that are in great demand. At one time a finishing technique used exclusively in historic restoration work, artisans and designers who are skilled in creating murals.

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Interior Design Vs. Interior Decorating – What’s the Difference?

131Interior design, interior decorating, home staging and interior redesign- these are completely different terms though many people consider them as the same. There is in fact a lot of difference amongst all these terms. Let us see what they actually are.

•    Interior design:

According to the NCIDQ, which stands for the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications, interior design is a multi-dimensional profession. In this profession, you need to be creative as well as technical, as both technical and creative solutions are required to achieve a beautiful interior environment. These solutions are not only functional, but they are also visually attractive and enhance the quality of living. Interior design needs to go with the internal environment of a specific place and must fulfil the requirements and principles of the place. The designing process is very systematic and coordinated. It includes searching, analysing as well as integrating proper knowledge. During the whole process, the needs of the clients should be fulfilled in order to achieve the ultimate goals.

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